Women and Money

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Women and Money: How we handle our money has an impact on every aspect of our lives –

the sort of home we live, the sort of schools we choose for our children, the clothes we wear, the holidays we go on. It’s more than just about life style. It’s about long-term security. On average, women live longer – so they might end up being on their own. Statistically, women earn less than men. Women are more likely to work part-time and are less likely to have a steady income stream over their lifetimes. Pension poverty is a phenomenon especially widespread amongst women in many rich countries of the Western world today. But when it comes to money, very often women

  • let others take charge

  • feel that they don’t know enough

  • simply choose not to think about it too much

Money matters are not boring and neither are they rocket science. The MoneyMattersMyself  blog should help you to feel confident to take charge of your own financial planning.